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Hidden Secrets - Part 62 - Hollywoods Bloodiest Satanic Dark Sec
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Hollywood. Satan
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Hidden Secrets - Part 62 - Hollywood's Bloodiest Satanic Dark Secrets

Warning: this is an extremely shocking or disturbing upload which may shake the very foundations of your current worldview.  Also, all the featured videos of this download have been converted into a DVD format.

Hollywoods Satanic Agenda - VERY eye opening:
This is an awesome movie everybody should see, especially if you have kids, a TV, or go to movies. This is a great video showing how television corrupts children and their way of thinking. When kids are raised on tv, see how they are greatly influenced. Many people are now throwing out their television and going back to reading and enjoying creative arts.  One should think about avoiding the movie theater completely as the cold air conditioning I believe is for the comfort of invisible reptilian energy feeders and soul corrupters, i.e. devils!

This very informative documentary film makes a clear historical connection between Hollywood and the Antichrist.  Many can benefit by being reminded of the immediacy and the seriousness of Satan's use of television and movie entertainment in these end times.  

A sermon preached by pastor Jason Cooley of Old Paths Baptist Church. This is disturbing news.  Learn how ancient pagan traditions are infecting the modern church.  Christians need to rise up against these trends instead of commonly embracing them.  

Part 2 exposes Michael Landon, famous for writing/directing the TV series "Little House on the Prairie", and "Highway to Heaven", Marylin Monroe, James Dean and many others in their own words. It's time to learn about Hollywood's faith and occultic beliefs.  The entire series of messages about Hollywood's Satanic Roots can be downloaded free at the Sermon Audio link below.

How Media Lies To Manipulate Us:
"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media" - William Colby, former CIA Director

This is a Spin Documentary on how the media lies to manipulate modern society into a false belief system by Brian Springer, an American television director and producer, and new media artist.  Using back channel news feeds not intended for public consumption, Springer was able to show the "Spin" the media puts on real world situations by twisting newsworthy events into seeds of corruption. This 1995 feature length documentary gives an insight into the perception of how television is used to try and control and distort the American public's view of reality